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AIT School of Management (SOM) was established in October 1987 to meet the growing needs in Asia for graduate management education. In line with AIT’s mission, SOM’s objective is to make a difference in the quality of management education and practices in the Asia-Pacific region leading to sustainable development, technological leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, wealth creation, and pride. SOM believes in the development of corporate leaders not just for the present but also for the future to face the challenges posed by the dramatic social, economic, political and technological changes in Asia. The programs at SOM offer a unique competitive advantage to managers and future leaders in the region.


SOM’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is intended to provide further preparation skills for working professionals to re-enter industry upon graduation. Both educational qualifications and work experience are taken into consideration for admission to the Doctor of Business Administration program.

DBA aims to train senior professional managers through the development of management theories, thereby improving leadership and strategy skills, closing contribute to management practices and add value to the organization

The ultimate academic objective of SOM’s DBA program is to develop and disseminate “grounded” theories based on Asian business practices including developing case studies and industry analyses. Students are prepared to conduct research within their own organizations through their own hands-on experience and modeling into management theories.

To receive DBA in Business Administration for managers, students must successfully complete the course work and successfully defend the thesis. The design program is highly practical so students studying the DBA program do not require posting an article after graduation.

First year DBA Program Structure:

Six doctoral level research methodology courses (total of 22.5 hours per course), delivered online and/or in person in downtown campuses:

  • Aug/Sept: Approaches of qualitative research
  • Oct/Nov: Methods of qualitative research
  • January: Foundations of management research
  • February: Management research methods and writing
  • Mar/Apr: Data strategies & hypotheses testing
  • Jun/Jul: Building models that link to theory

Knowledge Building Courses: Students select a total of six credits from the School of Management

Special Study: Toward the end of their coursework, DBA students take a research specialization study of 3 credits. The student works with his/her supervisor on a topic of interest. It will be tailor-made to the student’s research focus and require understanding and a critical review of the theories and research in the field of specialization. The student will be required to prepare a review paper (a report) based on published research.

Year 2-3: Dissertation: The dissertation is self-study and does involve any formal coursework. Students are expected to meet with their supervisor and committee members regularly.

Faculties are from the School of Management (SOM) – AIT Thailand.

Prof. Lawrence Stephen Abeln

Prof. Nazrul Islam

Prof. Sununta Siengthai

Prof. Dr. Barbara Igel

Dr. Yuosre Badir

Dr. Sundaravaradhan Venkatesh

Dr. Clemens Bechter

Dr. Fredric W. Swierczek

Prof. Urs Bumbacher

Dr. Willi Zimmermann

Dr. Pham Thi Kim Ngoc


  • Minimum 5 years’ work experience, of which at least 3 years’ experience in senior management/administrative position.
  • Undergraduate from recognized academic institutions or corporate universities.
  • MBA/EMBA is preferred
  • Other Master’s degree subject to the completion of MBA-level required courses as specified by the DBA program faculty
  • Proof of proficiency in English language (IELTS 6.0) or equivalent.
  • A letter from CEO/head of organizations supporting the candidate’s application and research work
  • A write-up on proposed research theme

Enquiries and Applications 

  • A completed application form for admission including two letters of recommendation (as attached);
  • Graduate certificate (in English);
  • An attested, detailed official transcript written in English; and
  • Curriculum Vitae (Maximum of 2 pages);
  • A one-page-statement of objective for joining the program;
  • A proposal (as attached);
  • 2 recent 3 x 4 photographs;
  • A certificate of English proficiency



The cost of the program is 581,750 thousand dong (app. 25,000 USD, exchange rate 1 USD = 23,270 dong) which includes registration fee, tuition fee, and course materials. The fee is payable into 5 instalments. The first instalment of app. 116,350 thousand dong must be paid before registration.

In case the candidate is not able to complete the degree within three years (6 semesters), the registration fee of 16,289 thousand dong (app. 700 USD) per semester will be charged for each semester under extension.



Application forms can be downloaded from 

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Pham Thi Kim Ngoc

iEMBA/DBA Program

Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam

Bld. B3, University of Transport & Communications, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi

Tel: (84-24) 3766 9493 Ext. 108; Fax: (84-24) 3766 9492

Cellphone: +84 90 321 75 33 / +84 90 103 4586


Our Renowned Professors

Nazrul Islam


Research Areas: Technology Transfer; IT in Hotel Industry; Management of Technology, Innovation and knowledge

Sununta Siengthai


Specialization in Human Resource Management and Firm Performance, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, Performance Management. Nationality: Thailand

Fredric W. Swierczek

Dr. /Associate Professor

Specialization: Cross Cultural Management, Asian Business, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior and Change. Nationality: American

Urs Bumbacher

Prof./ Adjunct Professor

Specialization in International Business Management and Cross Cultural Management. Nationality: Switzerland

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