Established in 1959, AIT is a leading international, intergovernmental institute of higher learning in Asia. AIT works with both public and private sectors throughout the region and some of the top universities in the world. It aims to develop highly qualified and committed professionals, who will play leading roles in the technological innovation and sustainable development of the region. 
Internationality, Quality, Innovation, and Relevance are AIT’s core values.


1987 Science and Technology for Development Award presented to AIT by the United States Agency for International Development and the National Research Council for effectively transferring industrial technology and skills to the developing world, by training scientists and engineers from Asian countries.

1989 Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding presented to AIT for shaping a new generation of engineers and managers committed to Asia, in an atmosphere of academic excellence.

1994 Development Management Award presented to AIT by the Asian Management Awards for fostering manpower development, technological change and sustainable growth in the region, through advanced education and research.

1996 DAAM International Vienna Awards presented by the Danube Adria Association and Manufacturing (DAAM) International Vienna, Austria, to express appreciation to AIT and its high-technology experts from the Industrial Systems Engineering Program of the School of Advanced Technologies for their significant contribution in the field of technical sciences and international scientific cooperation within the framework of DAAM, on the occasion of the 7th DAAM international symposium to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Austria.

2006 Friendship Order was awarded to AIT in the area of international relations that have contributed to human resource training for Vietnam and to the development of friendly relations between Vietnam and other countries.


2,300 Students from 50+ Countries/Territories, annually
19,000 Alumni from 85 Countries/Territories over 52 years
28,000+ Short-term Trainees from 70+ Countries/Territories
120 World Class Faculties from 20+ Countries
100+ Research Staff and 500+ Support Staff from about 30 Countries
About 400 Sponsored Research Projects
Intergovernmental Council of Directors


AIT has three schools (SOM, SERD, SET), AIT extension and AIT Vietnam. The three schools are: School of Management (SOM), School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD), and School of Engineering and Technology (SET).

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AIT VIETNAM: First International Educational Institution in Vietnam

AIT Vietnam (AIT-VN) was established in 1993 under the agreement between Vietnam government (MoET) and AIT. AITVN takes pride in being the first international education institution in Vietnam and the first center of AIT out of its headquarter in Thailand.

Since 1993, AIT has graduated more than 3,000 Masters and PhD holders, and 20,000 professionals in Vietnam who now hold important positions in both public and private sectors.

AIT in Vietnam has three main offices, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Can Tho, and several program offices (in Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Tra Vinh, and Da Nang). Our activities cover all 61 cities and provinces in Vietnam. Our training-cum-study tours are organized in different countries and regions worldwide, including Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Laos, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA.

Our Mission

The mission of AITVN is to train future leaders using high quality education and training, research (in sciences, education, engineering and management) and sustainable development of Vietnam and the region.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a prestigious regional institution that offers international quality, innovative, and work-relevant higher educational opportunities for the sustainable growth of the region.


AIT in Vietnam is committed to an international quality higher education. This combined with its long history in Vietnam and associated in-depth insights into legal, economic and political landscape, social and cultural trends provide AIT with comparative advantage not available to any other international institution of higher learning in Vietnam.

AIT-VN’s faculty and trainers are well-established experts in their respective fields, with a wealth of teaching/learning experience in an international environment.

AIT-VN has wide network of partners in and outside Vietnam, including governmental organizations, NGOs, embassies, and enterprises in both private and public sectors to ensure the relevance and responsiveness of all its programs. These partners are also valuable resources for work placement after students graduate from AIT programs.


1. Short training programs

Over 200 different short training courses in 22 major focus areas are offered:

Environment and Development Section (EDS):

  1. Development Project Management
  2. Environment and Natural Resource Management
  3. Climate Change
  4. Sustainable Community and Rural Development

Education and Management Section (EMS):

  1. Education and Training Skills
  2. Professional Skills
  3. Language Skills

Management and Business Section (MBS):

  1. Human Resources Development
  2. Management Development
  3. Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services
  4. Office Administration
  5. Project Management

Information Technology and Industrial Management Section (ITIMS):

  1. Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management
  2. Maintenance Engineering and Management
  3. Green Manufacturing and Management
  4. Information Technology
  5. Management Skills for Middle Managers

Vietnam Learning Center on Environmental and Social Sustainability

  1. ODA Effectiveness
  2. Environmental and Social Safeguards 
  3. Project Implementation and Management 
  4. Climate Change 
  5. Sustainable Development

The programs are designed and conducted by AIT trainers, international experts, and AIT alumni who currently hold important positions in both private and public sectors. Newly acquired skills from these short courses are immediately applicable in improving the participants’ performance at work.

On request, AITVN will quickly organize tailor-made training courses and training-cum study tours for companies and organizations in Vietnam and overseas. Training contents, venues and time are tailor-made to meet the clients’ requirements.

For further information about AIT Vietnam short training programs, please go to Short-term Training Programs 

2. Training combined with study tours

Trainings and associated study tours are becoming important part of AITVN’s development. Relevant programs are developed in close consultation with network of partner universities and institutions in different countries worldwide (Australia, China, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, UK, France, and Germany). In 2011 alone we successfully completed 7 international training combined with study-tour programs.

3. Diploma Programs

Diploma Programs are designed to impart in-demand skills in the industries that offer the greatest opportunities for jobs.

At AIT in Vietnam, we offers 2 diploma programs:

  1. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  2. Diploma in Banking

4. Academic Programs

AIT in Vietnam currently offers 12 different postgraduate programs, including executive master programs, professional masters programs, doctoral programs, and international masters of advanced studies. Below is the complete list of the programs:





International Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Business and Management


International Executive Master of Business Administration (iEMBA)


iEMBA, Specialisation in Energy Management


The iEMBA in Leadership


International Executive Master in Hospitality Management (EMHM)


Professional Master in Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM)

Environment & Development


Professional Master in Urban Management (PM-UM)


Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices (Joint with IHEID-Switzerland)


Professional Master in Geo-exploration and Petroleum Engineering (GEPG)

Engineering & Technology


Professional Master in Geo-Engineering and Management (GEM)


Professional Master in Project Management in Construction (MPM)


Professional Master in Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain Management (PM IE&SCM)

For further information about AIT Vietnam academic programs, please go to Academic Programs

5. AIT-VN Consultancy Services

Services in five broad areas include: Education and Training, Project Management & Evaluation, Environment, Community Development and Capacity Building
For further information about our consulting service, please go to Consultancy 

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