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Introduction To Professional Master Program in Geotechnical Engineering and Management (PME-GEM)
Master Program in Geotechnical Engineering and Management (GEM) emphasizes on solving of geotechnical problems related to soft and thick clay deposits facing infrastructure development of major cities in the Red River and Mekong delta (i.e., Hanoi, HCM City, Can Tho etc)., and construction of oil and gas facilities on the coastal areas.

The participants will be able to learn the up-to-date knowledge in geotechnical engineering and management for infrastructure development projects, including site investigation, geoexploration, soil characterization, soil improvement, tunneling in soft ground, foundation design, computational geotechnics, mitigation of the geo-hazards.

Offered by one of the most prestigious geotechnical engineering programs in Asia, the PME-GEM program caters for the major geotechnical and construction companies (local and overseas) operating in Vietnam

Notable features:

1. Focus of the program
 - Advanced site characterization for mega infrastructure projects
 - Engineered soils and rocks including modern techniques for underground space development, tunneling, ground improvement.
 - Mitigation of geotechnical hazards related to infrastructure development (land subsidence, slope stability, coastal and river bank erosion etc.)
 - Management of infrastructure project
 - Internship at major geotechnical companies in the SE Asia

2. Resources and Management
 - Faculty from the School of Engineering and Technology (SET), Asian Institute of Technology
 - Highly qualified and experienced invited lecturers, high-ranking officers from prominent construction companies and projects
 - Operation follows the procedure approved by AIT for Two-Stage, and
 - Professional Program in Vietnam.
Academic programs
Start day:16/09/2017
Admission schedule:
-Application deadline: 30/08/2017