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Introduction to EMBA Program in International Business and Management of Technology
Managers nowadays have to cope with increasing competition and cultural diversity at workplace due to the rapid globalisation in business and technological advances. This situation leads to an increasing demand for high quality executives who know how to manage their organisations in the increasingly competitive business environment.

Many practicing engineers and technical managers, who later become managers, are unable to continue their career beyond the bachelor's degree. Responding to the growing needs for higher education, AIT Vietnam in collaboration with AIT School of Management (SOM), offers the International Executive MBA(iEMBA) program for middle to senior level managers.

Our iEMBA program encourages participative learning and use a variety of interactive learning methodologies. Our programs are designed for students to learn latest management concepts, techniques and tools, but more importantly, to develop skills and attitude of listening and understanding others, holistic thinking, collective decision making, leading by example, communicating, negotiating, and being sensitive to societal concerns.


In the iEMBA in Vietnam for over 15 years, there has been a continuous commitment to developing the leadership the country requires to be competitive. When the iEMBA began in 2000, Vietnam was a developing country. Now it is a middle income country. This status brings new challenges for executives and professionals in business, government and the civil society. Regional integration from the trans-Pacific partnership, the ASEAN Economic Community and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership will place greater pressure on corporations in the ASEAN region to become more global in leadership, organizational dynamics and performance.

The pressures of climate change, energy demands and environmental degradation require executives and organizations to act sustainably to achieve the balance of economic, environmental and social requirements to benefit the next generation.

For the iEMBA the future is now and we are committed to realizing a greener and more equitable world”

Dr. Fredric William Swierczek, founder of the international Executive MBA program of AIT in Vietnam

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Start day:18/08/2017
Admission schedule:
-Application deadline: 15/07/2017
-Interview: 30/06/2016