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Introduction To AIT School of Engineering & Technology

AIT School of Engineering and Technology (SET) is the synergistic integration in November 2005 of the two former Schools, namely, the School of Civil Engineering (SCE) and the School of Advanced Technologies (SAT). Historically, these two schools came into existence only in January 1993 when the Institute reorganized the need to reform its academic structure from smaller-sized units called "Divisions" to larger bodies named "Schools". 

The School of Civil Engineering (SCErepresents the legacy of AIT when it was established with a single field of study in Hydraulics Engineering. Subsequently, other civil engineering fields of study were launched to assist the recovery from the ravages of the Second World War. SCE emphasized on a learning process that combines theoretical problem-solving and real life application of engineering principles. Its research orientation was outward-looking, addressing the actual and anticipated needs of the built environment. 

The School of Advanced Technologies (SAT) consisted of fields of study that were launched in response to the needs of the regional industrialization in the second and third decades of AIT's existence. The School was committed to being international, multidisciplinary centers of excellence in Information, Communications, Industrial Systems, and Space Technologies through education, research and outreach. 

The new School of Engineering and Technology amalgamating the School of Civil Engineering (SCE) and the School of Advanced Technologies (SAT) will strive to....

Academic programs
Professional Master Program in Geotechnical Engineering and Management (PME-GEM) - Intake 2017
Start time :16/09/2017
Master Program in Geotechnical Engineering and Management (GEM) emphasizes on solving of geotechnical problems related to soft and thick clay deposits facing infrastructure...
Master of Project Management in Construction (MPM) - Intake 2017
Start time :20/08/2017 Venue: Hanoi, HCMC, Can Tho
The Project Management in Construction field of study trains professionals to play a leading role in the international construction industry. It molds students to become active leaders...