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Eduniversal 2016 Business School Ranking Results

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Eduniversal 2016 Business School Ranking Results

 6 institutions in Thailand selected among the top 1000 best Business Schools

1000 Deans rank the top 1000 Best Business Schools in 154 countries

Paris, January 2017 The ninth edition of the Eduniversal World Convention held in Perth, Australia, brought together 250 representatives from the world’s best business schools including Harvard Business School, London Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Melbourne Business School and Fudan University School of Management… 

More than 120 schools from 50 countries participated in this event, which promotes the internationalization of higher education and the mobility of students. At the Convention Gala Dinner, in the presence of Her Excellency the Honorable Kerry Sanderson AC, Governor of Western Australia, and several ambassadors to countries of the academic institutions ranked, the 2016 ranking of the World's 1000 Best Business Schools as selected by 1000 deans was unveiled and the three best academic institutions by geographical area were rewarded with a prize.

The World’s 1000 Best Business Schools

The results of the 2016 Dean’s Vote survey were officially announced at the 9th World Eduniversal Convention in Perth, Australia. Each Dean's vote was transformed into a recommendation rate (‰) that students and other actors in the academic world can use to evaluate and compare the different academic institutions selected by Eduniversal. The annual survey continued to grow strongly in 2016, with a participation rate of more than 70%. 

The entire 2016 ranking of the World’s 1000 Best Business Schools and the detailed methodology is available on the website 

2016 Eduniversal Ranking of the Best Business School in Thailand


A unique ranking: Methodology

The 1000 business schools in the Official Eduniversal Selection are selected by the International Scientific Committee, composed of nine independent academic experts* recognized in their geographical zone, after careful evaluation. The objective is to establish a global mapping that considers the international influence and reputation of each selected institution. Thus, the EES (Eduniversal Evaluation System) compiles and analyzes hundreds of data from global, national and regional higher education systems, taking into account the accreditations, the results of other rankings and the distinctions obtained in the country of the schools analyzed.

For the ranking of the 1000 Best Business Schools, the EES designates among the thousands of institutions listed in 154 countries, those that will integrate the ranking. The number of schools and universities allocated per country is determined according to a quota method using quantitative and qualitative criteria (macroeconomic, historical and cultural data).

Eduniversal then classifies institutions according to their international reputation at the national and international level as well as by geographical zone. After their selection, the institutions are divided into five leagues of excellence or "Palmes of Excellence". A "Palme of Excellence" level (1 to 5) is assigned for each of the schools selected according to the set of internationalization criteria defined by the International Scientific Committee. Their classification in their league is then determined according to the evaluation made during the Deans' Vote Survey.

The Dean’s Vote is an exclusive feature of the EES, in which the Deans and Directors of the 1,000 best selected global institutions pass their recommendations on each of the 1,000 institutions selected in the 154 countries. The number of recommendations collected then determines the ranking for each of them within each "Palme of Excellence" or league (

Focus on innovation at the 2016 Convention

Innovation featured strongly in the debates and workshops at the 9th Eduniversal World Convention in Perth: Innovation and Change in International Education: Marketing, Partnering and Recruitment; Innovations in Delivery and Working with Private Providers; Innovation and Best Practices in International Education; Innovating to Meet Tomorrow's Learning and Teaching Challenges; Designing Innovative New MBA Programs to Address Global Sustainability Challenges.

These debates and workshops were organized and facilitated by recognized experts in the field of higher education. The Curtin University campus, where this ninth edition took place, became a four-day meeting place for the sharing of experiences, discoveries and the creation of social links, demonstrating that a campus itself may be a source of innovation.The Eduniversal World Convention, with its strong international and intercultural dimension, is an opportunity for the Deans, research directors and teachers present to exchange best practices in all areas of the academic sector (pedagogy, programs, research, governance, etc.) and enables networking and the building of academic partnerships.The convention captures the dynamic spirit that defines the Eduniversal agency.

*List of the nine members of the International Scientific Committee: 

Press contact: +33 1 76 76 69 59 / Email:

About Eduniversal :

Headquartered in Paris, France, Eduniversal is a global ranking and rating agency specialized in higher education. The company has established a strong expertise in evaluating academic institutions and programs in France since 1994, and internationally since 2007.

In 2008, after establishing a global map of the 1000 Best Business Schools in 154 countries, Eduniversal decided to highlight the expertise of these Institutions ( In 2011, they launched the first Worldwide Ranking of Masters and MBAs in 30 fields of study ( These rankings are designed to provide information to prospective graduate students that will help them in their search for their future studies in the following nine geographical zones: Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia & Middle East, Far East Asia, Latin America, North America, Oceania, Western Europe.

The Eduniversal ranking is published once a year and is announced at the annual Eduniversal World Convention. For the past 9 years, this Convention welcomes the most prestigious professionals in the higher education industry, giving them the opportunity to interact with their international counterparts and meet potential partners.