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English Bridging Program sponsored by AIT-VN

Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT-VN) would like to announce the English Bridging Program for people who would like to improve their English language level and postgraduate study skills. Students who take part in the English Bridging Course and pass the AIT Language Entry Test have chances to take part in Postgraduate Academic Programs at AIT-VN ( ) as well as the Full Scholarship Program for PostGraduate Programs at AIT Thailand ( )

The English Bridging Course lasts for 80 hours and is expected to start from end of May, 2017. Specifically, at the end of the course, the students are supposed to:

Ø  Become familiar with the AIT writing format with the expected outcome of  an equivalent IELTS 5.0 score or more;

Ø  Improve their speaking and listening comprehension skills though interviews, conversations and discussions with native and non-native speakers;

Ø  Develop post-graduate study skills, especially presentation skills, academic writing skills and team working skills.

Ø  Improve the four language skills Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing, for professional contexts; and

Ø  Pass the AIT Language Test and Interview with satisfactory results.

If you would like to know more about the English Bridging Course, please contact:

Ms. LoLy (MA.)

Tel: +84 24 3766 9493 - Ext: 123

Mobile: 0912 540 232