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Introduction to Office Administration
Whether you are already a professional working in office administration and secretarial roles or aspire to build your career in this field, our Administration and Secretarial programs will give you a wealth of useful knowledge and skills. These training courses deal with 'real world' problems and practical problem-solving process to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of the business.

The course ‘Office Secretary Skills’ is designed for newly appointed administrators who need an intensive introductory program to build their confidence and skills.

‘Office Administration and Advanced Office Administration’ course is designed for senior secretaries/administrative officers and administrators who have a responsibility for others, either formally or informally, as a part of their job. You be trained to control the flow of work, manage the office information system, delegate work, oversee the performance and improve the effectiveness of your team, be the first point contact when there is a problem. These are among the most valuable skills that help you excel in administration and secretarial roles
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