Bonaventura H. W. Hadikusumo

Bonaventura H. W. Hadikusumo

Dr. / Associate Professor

Asian Institute of Technology - Thailand. Specialization: Organizational Management, Project Management, construction Safety Management, Construction quality management. Nationality: Indonesian

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Construction Management, The University of Hong Kong, 2001

M.Eng. in Construction Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, 1998

B.Eng. in Civil Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia, 1994

Research Interests

I am very interested in construction project management issues, particularly in construction business and construction site improvements. In order to improve construction organization performance, I believe that IT application and simulation are useful. Some areas in construction IT application and simulation in which I am interested are project visualization, intelligent agent system, knowledge management tool, web-based project management and system dynamics simulation. This construction business process improvement, however, cannot be fully achieved without improving the construction sites. Therefore, in terms of site improvement, I have conducted some studies related with management of construction organizations and construction site safety.

Selected Publications

RY Sunindijo, BHW Hadikusumo (2013) Emotional Intelligence for Managing Conflicts in the Socio-Cultural Norms of the Thai Construction Industry, Journal of Management in Engineering

B Jitwasinkul, BHW Hadikusumo (2013) Identification of Important Organisational Factors Influencing Safety Work Behaviours in Construction Projects, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 17 (4), 520-528

A Hastheetham, BHW Hadikusumo (2011) Theoretical framework of strategic behaviors in Thai contractors: An empirical case study, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management 18 (2), 206-225

T Prasertrungruang, BHW Hadikusumo (2010) Modeling the dynamics of heavy equipment management practices and downtime in large highway contractors, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 135 (10), 939-947

T Prasertrungruang, BH Hadikusumo (2009) Study of factors influencing the efficient management and downtime consequences of highway construction equipment in Thailand, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 135 (1), 2-11

T Prasertrungruang, BHW Hadikusumo (2008) System dynamics modelling of machine downtime for small to medium highway contractors, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management 15 (6), 540-561

T Aksorn, BHW Hadikusumo (2008) Critical success factors influencing safety program performance in Thai construction projects, Safety Science 46 (4), 709-727

T Aksorn, BHW Hadikusumo (2008) Measuring effectiveness of safety programmes in the Thai construction industry, Construction Management and Economics 26 (4), 409-421

RY Sunindijo, BH Hadikusumo, S Ogunlana (2007) Emotional intelligence and leadership styles in construction project management, Journal of management in engineering 23 (4), 166-170

T Prasertrungruang, BHW Hadikusumo (2007) Heavy equipment management practices and problems in Thai highway contractors, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management 14 (3), 228-241and pls still put the URL