Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh


Specialization in: Air Pollution Engineering and Management, Transboundary Pollution, Air Pollution and Climate Interaction, Environmental Monitoring and Modelling, Exposure Assessment, Integrated Industrial Environment Management. Nationality: Vietnam

Ajit P. Annachhatre


Specialization in: Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment, Biofilm Processes, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Mathematical Modeling. Nationality: Thailand

Chettiyappan Visvanathan


Specialization in Cleaner production, Industrial Environment Management, Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Solid Waste Management. Nationality: Thailand

Nguyen Le Tuong

Program Officer

Sununta Siengthai


Specialization in Human Resource Management and Firm Performance, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, Performance Management. Nationality: Thailand

Nazrul Islam


Research Areas: Technology Transfer; IT in Hotel Industry; Management of Technology, Innovation and knowledge

Lawrence Stephen Abeln

Dean/ Professor

Marie-Therese Claes

Prof./ Adjunct Professor

Specialization: Business Communication, Intercultural Communication & Management Nationality: Belgium

Dang My Thanh

MA./ Program Assistant

AIT in Vietnam. Nationality: Vietnamese

Pham Thi Kim Ngoc

Dr./ National Coordinator

AIT in Vietnam. Nationality: Vietnamese