AIT-NEXT project is implemented in Vietnam (Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City) and funded partly by the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam.

Project’s Overall Objective

AIT NEXT was established at AITVN with aims at increasing the share of Green Living trend in Vietnamese young generation through greening daily behaviours change.

AIT NEXT targets young, active, dynamic young people and environmental lovers, who want to do something meaningful and good for environment and be able to extent their green actions to their families, schools and living community.

Project’s Specific Objective

  • Behavior orientation for teenager and children towards green living style through training to understand about usefulness, voluntary perform and accompany with them to do through practice
  • Help children to become effective change agents in inspiring family members, friends and relative towards a sustainable consumption style
  • Help children to become green living generation contributing to environmental sustainability

Project Target Groups and Beneficiaries

In 2015, AIT-VN successfully organized a three month YOUNG GREEN PIONEERS training for young teenagers and a three month GET GREEN CHILDREN training for primary school children in HN. The total of 45 children have been trained.

In 2016 and 2017, AIT-VN have been organizing a three month GLOBAL NEXT – GREEN PIONEERS targeting young children aged from 8-12. There are 3 modules:
+ Module 1 (M1): I understand about green living

+ Module 2 (M2): I experience green living

+ Module 3 (M3): I live green and I inspire

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