The Green Office Initiative belongs to the 10 Year Framework Programme (10YFP), United Nations Environment and is implemented by Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT – VN).

Project’s Overall Objective

The “Upscale and Mainstream Green Office Lifestyles in Vietnam” project is the initiative to upscale and mainstream Low-Carbon Sustainable Lifestyles patterns and behaviours amongst consumer groups of offices workers, focusing in the following key domains of consumption: Low carbon sustainable lifestyle, electricity, water, paper, office equipment, waste management

Project Budget

Total cost of the project is $ 200 thousand.

Project Target Groups and Beneficiaries

The target consumers groups of the project are working in three sectors: service providers, companies/ factories and public/ civil organisations

Benefits of Green Office Lifestyles: By joining the project, your organization will become the proactive agent contributing to the implementation of Vietnam’s Green Growth Strategy, National road map on reduction of GHG emission and sustainable consumption promotion in Vietnam. The participation of your organization concurrently contribute to the policy development process on Green Office Certificate, Sustainable Procurement, Sustainable Production and Consumption.

What is Low-carbon Sustainable Lifestyle?

“A “sustainable lifestyle” is a cluster of habits and patterns of behaviour embedded in a society and facilitated by institutions, norms and infrastructures that frame individual choice, in order to
minimize the use of natural resources and generation of wastes, while supporting fairness and prosperity for all.” (According to “A framework for shaping sustainable lifestyles” report by UN Environment)

What is Green Office?

Green Office is an environmental management system for offices, focusing on changing awareness and behaviours of office workers towards sustainable consumption practices. This is a continuous process to improve issues in order to reduce operating costs and environmental impacts of the organisations, resulting in benefits and healthy and friendly working environment.

How-to Greening Office?

Greening the office is not difficult, but it is a continuous process and requires commitment of every employee and encouragement of the Board of Directors.

Green Office program has two key stages:

1. Establishing Green office lifestyle: The employees will be trained about a sustainable lifestyle under the guidance of the Project Trainers.

2. “Greening” the office: The project will support in evaluating the office’s consumption status, focusing on the use of electricity, water, paper, stationaries, and waste management.

Then, the office will be supported to implement sustainable initiatives and establish their own sustainable consumption policies.

The Green Office certificate is based on the objective evaluation of the situation and the “greening” in the office.


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