Introduction to Green Manufacturing and Management

Building capacity for Vietnamese enterprises to implement Green Innovation is the main objective of the program.

8 modules


It has been proven that enterprises with green manufacturing or green innovation have grown faster and gained better profit than those without green innovation. Challenges for Sustainable Development such as energy price trend, lack of raw materials, natural resources, government regulations and policies on environment , climate change, social responsibilities has been exerting negative impacts on the business and production performance of manufacturing enterprises. Green innovation is the new approach allowing enterprises to ceaselessly improve their production and business performance while maintaining the sustainable development, minimizing raw material cost, enhancing production capacity and helping enterprise to be more socially responsible.

The green innovation will bring added values to enterprises:

  • To increase penetration to new markets and emerging markets
  • To reduce cost over the whole value chain of the enterprises
  • To anticipate the regulations, legislation and standards of the government on green manufacturing
  • To attract financial investments
  • To increase productivity and technology capacity.

Green innovation can be implemented at all stages of the business, from business strategy, business model to production, product design, marketing and branding, organizational structure and so on. The green innovation requires business leaders to understand the importance of the challenges to sustainable development and can turn those challenges into opportunities for businesses. This process cannot be completed quickly but requires sufficient resources to perform.


Building capacity for Vietnamese enterprises to implement Green Innovation is the main objective of the program. Specifically, when participating in the Program, enterprises will be equipped with knowledge, awareness, tools and skills to be able to:

  • Assess the “green” status of the enterprise
  • Develop a sustainable indicator set for the enterprise
  • Develop a sustainable indicator tracking system for the enterprise
  • Identify hotspot to improve
  • Develop a green action plan – develop a sustainable development project
  • Carry out green innovation projects and initiatives
  • Search for financial resources to support innovation/ sustainable development project
  • Develop a sustainable report for the enterprise

Target participants

The course is beneficial for directors/owners of companies, who want to apply green manufacturing and management in order to save costs, reduce environmental impacts, improve competitiveness and expand market. Maximum number of participants in a class is 25.


The GMM program includes (but not limited to) the following modules:

  1. Development of Green/ Sustainable Business Model
  2. Development of Green Business Strategies
  3. Green Innovation of Supply Chain
  4. Green Brand Management
  5. Sustainable Product Innovation
  6. Green Innovation of Distribution System
  7. Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production
  8. Develop a Set of Sustainable Business Indicators
  9. Innovation of Packaging in a Sustainable Way


Each training module is conducted in a business-driven manner, including lecturers’ presentations on general concepts and knowledge, the practical application through successful demonstration of green innovation of multinational enterprises and Vietnamese enterprises. Participants are asked to work in group to apply their knowledge into specific business situations. Post-training counseling is a part of the training, in which AIT-VN experts will support the enterprises to implement Green Innovation/ Sustainable Development projects of their enterprises. Sharing  experience among participating enterprises is also an integral part of the training, in which AITVN connects participating businesses through field trips to leading businesses in Green Innovation implementation.

Location and Duration

The program is organized in Hanoi and Hochiminh City. The program comprises of 9 modules, each module with 2-day training.


The program is conducted by AIT-VN experts. They have been trained in innovative projects implemented by international organizations (such as SPIN project, European Community GG project) and have tremendous experience in providing training and working with multinational enterprises and/or Vietnamese enterprises. AIT-VN has long-term collaboration with leading experts in the fields of Sustainable Production and Consumption such as Vietnam Cleaner Production Center (VNCPC), ENERTEAM, Delft – Netherlands, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand, to implement green innovation consultancy for enterprises.


The program is conducted in Vietnamese.


Learners participate 90% of the total training time and actively involve in assignments/ discussions will be awarded the certificate issued by AIT-VN.

Tuition fee and financial support

The standard tuition for a two-day course is $ 160. A number of full scholarships will be granted to small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the Program, that has the potential to implement green innovation in management and production. A number of partial scholarships (30%, 50%) are considered for businesses in the “Green Innovation Partners” network of AITVN.

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