Lean Manufacturing (Training & Coaching)

This training is valuable to all staffs of company including production and supporting units.

2 days + implementation consulting


LEAN manufacturing is a systematic method for eliminate wastes in manufacturing while ensuring product quality and on-time delivery with higher efficiency.

LEAN possible apply at every business operating processes that help to improve operating capital, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce setup time, lower inventory level, cut off expenses, speed up delivery and motivate staffs’ ethics. LEAN manufacturing focuses in operating processes and how each individual perform their tasks.

LEAN manufacturing is not target to reach but it’s continuous improving and renewing road. Many companies have gained benefits progressively by the time of  applying.

It’s obvious benefits of LEAN implementation to many businesses, therefore, this training course is special designed with the purpose of providing overview about the way to eliminate wastes, equip easy tools to apply but very sufficient,  as well as guide you how to start a LEAN project at your company.

The participants are possible to:

  • Identify current wastes at your business.
  • Understand terminologies and tools/technique to implement LEAN project.
  • Propose a LEAN project at your business.
  • Bring “LEAN thinking” to all observes and assessment of business’s operations.

Target participants

This training is valuable to all staffs of company including production and supporting units. This training course is specially benefit to managers, leaders who has role and capacity to initiate and implement LEAN projects at their responsible areas to eliminate wastes. Staffs of supporting units such as purchasing, planning, material, marketing and quality assurance… are also encouraged to participate to this training to ensure that LEAN are applied and benefit through out the company.


  1. Objective of Lean manufacturing.
  2. Benefits of Lean manufacturing.
  3. Identification of wastes in the factory/ manufacturing.
  4. Lean tools and techniques:
    • Improve working area by 5S.
    • Kanban method – Pulling system for material flows.
    • Work standardize and line balancing.
    • Visual management
    • Mistake-proofing Poka Yoke.
    • Root cause analysis
    • Setup reduction.
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).
    • Value stream management.
    • Continuous Improvement with Kaizen.
    • Plant layout Improvement.
    • Just in time system.
  5. Lean Project Implementation
    • Start from staffs and operators.
    • Implementation Process
    • Maintain and Development
    • Pitfalls of Lean project
  6. Introduction about “LEAN thinking” in the business.


Implementation consulting  program will be conducted after training session by project groups and not limited in following steps:

  1. Define wastes and improvement opportunities at work place
  2. Project group registration, improvement project presentation including: objectives, scope, methods, measurement indicators, supporting requests, action plan, manpower…
  3. Implementation selected projects
  4. Periodically evaluation implementation progress and consult on facing issues (if have)
  5. Result report, evaluation and rewarding.
  6. Standardize or revise process to maintain the effective results.
  7. Continue registration for new projects


Two days training program will focus on providing information and building skills through various activity such as: information sessions, sharing experience,  learning from success cases, practicing implementation tools, group working… Participants will enjoy in studying environment that encourage interactive and practice, and as the results, it helps to build up LEAN project implementation capacity to participants.

Consulting program will be applied for pioneer projects, with detail guideline for each implementation steps. Consultant will give comments on improvement ideas, tools usage and play the objective role to impulse and evaluate at each implementation stage, supporting in standardize process to maintain the achieved results.

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