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AIT-VN conducts a wide range of short, intensive and highly specialized courses which are aimed at upgrading and refreshing the knowledge and skills of mid-career professional and senior experts.


Training Plan 2018

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Inhouse Training

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Learning Center on Environmental and Social Sustainability (LC)

Capacity building of Project Management Units of Infrastructure Projects and strengthening of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Process? Explore LC!

Training courses on: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Involuntary resettlement; Principles of environmental impact assessment review

The Learning Center is offering training courses (in English) in June and July in Hanoi: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Involuntary Resettlement; Principles of Environmental Impact Assessment Review.

Invitation letter to 25th Anniversary Celebration of AIT in Vietnam on June 16th, 2018

The year 2018 signifies the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Vietnam with more than 3,900 Masters, PhDs and 20,000 professionals who have made AIT the most significant and successful international graduate institute of education in Asia. A quarter of century of AIT alumni will be honored with a Celebration on […]