Since 2009, AITVN has cooperated with Bangladeshi partners, Indonesia, Srilanka, India, and Brunei to organize training cum study tour for Bangladeshi officers, Indonesian officers, Srilanka officers and Brunei officers to study in Vietnam, in European countries, in Australia, New Zealand and Asian Countries.

All the open courses are available for in-house training only. The course structure and contents could be tailor-made to meet specific requirements of donor and clients. Please click for more detailed.

What Kind Of Program/ Topics We Are Now Offering?


DP01 Project Design and Proposal Writing
DP02 Project Planning and Management
DP03 Budgeting and Financial Management in Development Projects
DP04 Management and Implementation of Development Projects
DP05 Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects
DP06 Fund Raising and Resource Mobilisation
DP07 Project Impact Assessment
DP08 Report Writing Skills in Development Projects


EN01 Participatory Environmental Planning and Management
EN02 Environmental Policy Analysis and Assessment
EN03 Environmental Economics
EN04 Environmental Impact Assessment
EN05 Social Impact Assessment
EN06 Environmental Education and Communication
EN07 Application of GIS in Environmental Planning and Management
EN11 Cleaner Production
EN12 Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics


CC01 Climate Change – Basic Understandings and Current Issues
CC02 Formulation and writing a CC Adaptation Action Plan
CC03 Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerability Assessment
CC04 Application of GIS in CC Adaptation Planning
CC05 Participatory Approach in Climate Change Adaptation Planning
CC06 Identification and Selection of CC Adaptation Options
CC07 Climate Change Adaptation Communication
CC08 Consultation Process in CC Adaptation Planning


RD01 Sustainable Agriculture: Principles and Practice
RD02 Small Business Development in Rural Areas
RD03 Management of Micro-Finance for Poverty Reduction
RD04 Value Chains Development and Market Linkage
RD05 Rural development planning and practice
RD06 Observation on Lifestyle of Ethnic Minorities & Their Prehistoric Evaluation
RD07 Coastal Zone Management / Water resources management in Coastal areas
RD08 Result Based management in Rural Road Construction
RD09 Local Government & Community Participation in Rural Infrastructure Development Projects
RD10 Coastal Regions and Small Islands Development
RD11 Agri-Business Management
RD12 Community-based Sustainable Livelihoods in Coastal Area


HR1 Job analysis as a tool of Personnel Management
HR2 Training Needs Assessment
HR3 Selection and Interviewing Skills
HR4 Basic Human Resource Management
HR5 Advanced Human Resource Management


EM1 Basic Training of Trainers
EM2 Presentation Skills
EM3 Public Speaking
EM4 Facilitation Skills for Meetings, Workshops and Seminars
EM5 Effective Communication Skills for Multi-cultural working environment
EM6 Training Impact Assessment


MD1 Delegation Skills
MD2 Negotiation Skills
MD3 Work Planning and Scheduling
MD4 Problem Solving and Decision Making
MD5 Supervisory Skills
MD6 Leadership Skills
MD7 Effective Management Skills
MD8 Effective Meeting and Reporting


ST01 Best Practices of Micro-Finance and Disaster Mitigation Models
ST02 Urban Environmental Planning and Management
ST03 Compliance and Enforcement in Environmental Protection
ST04 Municipal Solid Waste Management
ST05 Cleaner Production Promotion and Practice
ST06 Environmental Management for Sustainable Development
ST07 Effective Pollution Control in Poor Densely Populated Areas
ST08 Sustainable Production Models in Agriculture & Aquaculture
ST09 Sustainable Tourism Models
ST10 Integration of Environmental Management in Banking System
ST11 Community-based Sustainable Development in Peri-urban Areas
ST12 Social safety net program
ST13 Pure drinking water & Sanitation in Rural Areas
ST14 Rural Infrastructure and Community Participation
ST15 Knowledge-Based Learning and Knowledge-Based-Teaching
ST16 Community – based disaster risk reduction in changing climate
ST17 Monitoring and Evaluation of Lifestock Development
ST18 Management & Good Governance Practices in Local Government Institution
ST19 Climate Vulnerability Analysis
ST20 Community-based Health Insurance Models and Best Practices
ST21 Climate Change Adaptation Models
ST22 Value Chain Management and Sustainable Poverty Reduction

In Which Country Can We Organize These Programs

  • Vietnam
  • European Countries
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Asian Countries

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